The Tinder Regular :: Hamlet

This fictional scenario has happened more times than I can remember: I’m at the grocery store on an overcast afternoon, just picking up a few ingredients for dinner. The selection of avocados is dismal and I’m in the middle of administering the squeeze test when I notice him bagging mushrooms. He’s familiar. I know him… but I […]

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The Cookie Monster :: Victoria Bar

Baking is a lot like dating. Although each recipe has the same fundamental ingredients, the slightest variation can change the flavor of the entire batch. Some people like cakey cookies, some like crispy. Some like confident, charismatic men while others prefer shy and nerdy. Variety makes the world interesting! The inherent purpose of dating is […]

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Update on the Garbage Man!

Alcohol is often blamed for late night texts of desperation, but this time, it was the catalyst for emotional closure. Although it was over a year ago, my heart still feels a little sore when I think about the Garbage Man (read that date review first if you haven’t!) He was the first guy in […]

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9021Br0 :: 10 Barrel Brewing

It was a Friday at 11am. I had just returned from a 2-week trip abroad and a 3-week hiatus from Tinder. I had no plans for the night and only a few guys on tap. Desperation kicked in. For some inconceivable reason, I agreed to go out with 9021Bro after only a few short messages. Why […]

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