Update on Pokemon Bro

If you haven’t read my recap of my initial date with the PokemonBro, please read it here before you continue!

I consider myself a fair, reasonable person. I understand that people make mistakes and sometimes life gets in the way of honoring your commitments. That’s why I’m a firm believer in second chances… but never third.

It hadn’t been 24 hours after our first date and the Pokemon Bro was already trying to see me again. I get it. It’s good date etiquette to plant the seed (ha) for the second date, but this isn’t what he was doing. He was sending me not-so-subtle texts like “I have this whole bottle of wine. Wish someone was here to help me finish it….” Bleh.

Despite my self-imposed week of abstinence from drinking, I agreed to break it and meet up with him for an after work drink on Wednesday. We planned for 5pm after my dentist appointment. I even texted him at 3pm to confirm! But sometimes you can’t prevent the inevitable….


Please note the 20 minute gap after I asked if he wanted to reschedule. I wasn’t sure if he meant he was just running late? Regardless, I waited. And waited. Until I sent that text and left. What a dick.

The Bro: 0/10. Go fuck yourself.

(Author’s note: forgive any formatting errors as I am composing this from my iPhone aboard a Bolt Bus. With wifi and outlets, this bus has treated me better than any man.)


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